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The ROS Demo interface was modeled after the main index of the APS website The interior demo screens are replicated to offer precise resemblence to the actual ROS Application, for a familiar, easy to use experience.


There are 3 report types to choose from: Full Report, Profile Summary Report and the Out-Of-State Criminal Report. Just click the one you want and the demo will load and begin automatically.


Each demo must load a percentage of the total demo before it can begin. Please be patient as the loader downloads the demo you have chosen.

Slow connections will require several minutes before each demo will begin.


Each demo offers full control over chapters, rewind, fast forward, pause and several other controls.

Please watch the intro of each demo to learn how to activate the control bar located at the bottom of each report type demo.

If you are ready to use the demo then please click the 'Start Demo' button below. For further assistance please call 1-800-757-0906. Thank you for viewing the ROS Demo.